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Transit Mrugavani Mannanur

As the roads twist and turn up the Nallamala hills the beautifully arranged green and brown agriculture lands down below present a marvelous sight to the eyes. This climb up is almost like a slow take off from a runway. As the forest roads take you through the thick foliage, Transit Mrugavani Mannanur welcomes you for a pitstop to refresh and rejuvenate.

Whether passing through Srisailam and crossing into the neighbouring state, or on a day trip between Hyderabad and Kurnool, Transit Mrugavani Mannanur is a timely opportunity for a break.

Enjoy a wonderful safari at the Amrabad Tiger Reserve, which takes you up to the Farhabad viewpoint.

Mile 85, our air conditioned and non a/c restaurants provide for a quality break on the way to your destinations, serving up a range of delicacies.

Tribal Produce

Tribal villagers nearby, produce a number of local produces ranging from natural mats to baskets and other material.

Rooms With a View

Large sized rooms open out into the Nallamala Hills nearby on one side, and the vast cotton farmlands on the other side.

Our Rooms

Cosy and Comfortable

16 luxurious spaces with views of the hills on one side, and rich agricultural lands on the other await travellers from Hyderabad or Kurnool. Even as Transit Mrugavani Mannanur is suitable for a quick refreshing of the body and mind, the rooms here are apt for casual weekend stays with great food. Family and corporate groups wanting to get away for a weekend or for a night out will find this place warm, restful and cosy.

fresh and tasty


Mile 85 is a signature restaurant offered by Transit Mrugavani Mannanur. This multi- cuisine restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes catering to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do not forget to ask for our special local flavours from the Nallamala region.

Our Activities


Tiger Safari

Embark on a safari and sift through the forests to catch a glimpse of the elusive yet majestic Royal Bengal Tiger. The 90-minute tour is conducted by the forest department of Telengana. While sighting a tiger is one of the most difficult tasks on earth, we encourage you also to look out for an array of exotic species of flora and fauna.

Mallela Theertham Waterfalls

A day’s local sightseeing can also include a part-drive, part-trek to the wonderful waterfalls tucked deep inside the forest. Not only will the sight of water tumble down be unforgettable, so also will be the route to the falls. Our guided trek to and back from the waterfalls will take you to some of the hidden secrets in this expansive forest range that is filled with trees with medicinal properties.

Farhabad View Point

The Nallamala hills run a distance of about 430km, with an average width of about 30km. The very sight from afar is captivating; views from naturally splendid vantage points will leave you in a trance. May we remind you, nature is a great healer. Unhindered views of these majestic forests for kilometers on end is certain to calm minds and souls that are hassled from the relentless onslaught of life’s demands.

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